Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The telecom business journey has certainly been interesting over the past 20 years.  I was thinking back at my first business venture when Intra-lata long distance had a per minute charge that was ultra-ridiculous.  Today, I'm not beating down rates for business owners and shopping the options, I'm helping business owners deploy their own premises based PBX System as well as HostedPBX options that offer just as many functions and features that business can possibly use.

MainBoard is now a 3CX partner and thanks to this technology provider, we are able to quote phone systems that are cutting phone bills by as much as 80%.  If your business is running an older system or even a newer system that has a bit of a ridiculously over-priced maintenance, licensing fee, call manager and a few other words that you wonder what you are paying for, perhaps you entertain the latest technology for a customized quote.  Visit http://www.voiceanddatacircuits.com for more information.